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and i've been waiting for the stars to fall

just to be with you

it's like a million little stars spelling out your name
i'm erin. i'm sixteen years of age, and i live south louisiana. i'm currently a junior in high school. david archuleta makes me smile. my number one love is music. i want to go into some type of health/human services career. i'm a typical girl. i love clothes and shopping and make-up and hair. in contrast to most girls my age, however, i refuse to change who i am for anyone. no matter what people may say about me or do to me, i will NEVER stop being me, and i have no respect for those who let go of themselves for others. this past year has been a huge learning experience for me, and i'm not going to lose that just because i'm the odd one out most of the time. i'm just ready to leave this place and go somewhere where i can be myself without being judged, aka college. i'm ready and waiting to enter the real world with my head held high. i can't wait to say "i told you so." :)